Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paternity Tests by Mail

Paternity tests are conducted to determine the biological father of a child. This test is normally ordered by a court in a custody battle. It is done in cases where the  mother of the child had more than one sexual partner during the time of conception. 

Paternity test by mail is done by sending a blood sample or the swab of the inner cheek of the mother, child and the alleged father (one or more persons) of the child by mail to the laboratory that was chosen for this test. The concerned lab would collect these samples and process the tests as required by the clients and send the results by mail.

During this process, there is a high chance for the samples to get mixed up or they can get lost during the transit. There is also a possibility for the results to get mixed up while mailing it back. 

The DNA test results are of great importance for the alleged father's as well as the child’s future and so there is no possibility for error. Also, the results may not be confidential as it can be opened by anyone who has access to the package. Due to these reasons, paternity tests by mail is not a good idea.
Photo:Salvatore Vuono

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