Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Establishing DNA Paternity Test Results

You might have a dozen different arguments against establishing paternity. For instance, you might not need or want the child support that you could legally force your child’s biological father to pay. He may not want custody, so there may not be a need to establish paternity for that reason. However, you should consider establishing paternity for your child’s benefit. After all, there is nothing like establishing DNA paternity test results and knowing hands down the real deal about your child's paternity. Here's some tips:

At the Doctor

Your child’s doctor will want to know your child’s full medical history – that includes the history from your side of the family and the paternal side of the family. This information can become invaluable if anything should happen and your child would need a major medical procedure. This is one of the reasons for establishing paternity that can truly benefit your child.

In the Future

We all want to know where we came from and who our parents are. Even if you have a partner that your child thinks of as his or her father it’s important for your child to know who their actual biological father is. As the child ages, he or she will begin to ask questions and it’s important that you’re able to answer those questions for him or her. Even if the biological father isn’t in the child’s life as the child grows, he may want to be there down the road. That’s when it will be up to your child to decide, and knowing the truth will help him or her make that decision more easily.

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