Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DNA Paternity Test Results

The results of every medical test today can have a wide range of inferences. Similarly, in a DNA paternity test, the result  will contain the complete DNA profile of the father.  The report will also show a combined parental Index and relationship probability of each person with the child  i.e. the paternity, maternity and grand parentage. The strength of the DNA paternity test result is also indicated  in the result. 

The result will be in the form of “inclusion” or “exclusion” giving a conclusive result. Whether the person, who is the alleged father, is excluded or not excluded from the paternity is the final result of this test.  A combined paternity index (CPI) is arrived by analyzing 15 genetic loci, each compared separately.  Each genetic locus is tested and arrived at this CPI.  The CPI analysis helps in getting the probability of paternity and this probability is arrived by comparing the genital population and common genetic information found in the analysis.

The CPI result could be up to 99.99% accurate, and this CPI and probability both will be mentioned in the result. 

An Inclusion means that the genetic markers match to a probability of 99% or more which means the person who is an alleged father is not excluded from being a biological father. Similarly an exclusion report gives probability of 0.00% (genetic markers do not match) of the person being excluded from being the biological father of the tested child.

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