Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to Get a Paternity Test

A paternity test is done to determine the biological father of the child. Since the DNA is passed on from the father to child, it is possible to identify the father based on the child's DNA. It is mostly done in custody battles and for other legal purposes.

So, how can you get a paternity test done? The first step is to choose a location where the test can be done. Many specialized DNA laboratories are equipped to do this testing.  You can take suggestions from friends and family to select the appropriate place. Doctors can also suggest the right place for you.  If the testing is ordered by the court, the court would give the list of laboratories that provide this service.  Once you choose a DNA testing facility, make sure they are reputable, AABB Accredited,   and use 8-10 markers to  identify genetics.

The father and the son must give a blood sample or a buccal sample that is taken from the inner cheek with a swab. The child could be of any age to under go the test. A photograph of all the parties will be taken by the lab to ensure identities of the parties. The results of the test usually take about a week and they are 99% accurate.

As paternity test could be an emotional experience, it is a good idea to go for counseling during this period.

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