Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paternity Rights and Establishing Paternity

Paternity is not a guarantee to custody or rights for a child. However, it is the first step in establishing those rights. Establishing paternity means proving who a child’s biological father is in a court of law. If you and your spouse are separated, not married, or divorced, there are a few important reasons for establishing paternity.


In order for custody issues to be dealt with, a paternity test is usually required. This is especially true if the man or the woman in a case deny paternity of a particular man. Before custody issues can be ironed out, the paternity test will need to prove that a man is the father of a child and therefore has the right to see that child.

Child Support

It’s very easy for a man to deny being the father of a child and using that as his excuse not to pay child support. But it’s also very easy to clear that issue up with a paternity test. If the man is the biological father of a child, he should have to help pay for that child – from education to food and even clothing.

Other Issues

There are numerous other reason to know for sure who a child’s father is. From medical history issues to grandparent’s rights, it’s easier on everyone if there is no question and the father has been established through testing. It will also be beneficial for the child when he or she becomes an adult.