Monday, October 5, 2009

Tips to Get Free DNA Paternity Testing

DNA paternity tests are used to find out who the biological father of a child is. This is done for several reasons such as finding out the medical history of a child; establishing legal grounds for support, adoption, identification and the like; inheritance; and for peace of mind so the child knows who his father really is.

This advance form of testing is done by many medical labs today. However, most of them are charging from below a $100 to over $300, depending on the company. You can even find online companies that will mail you a home testing DNA paternity kit for a fee.

Knowing why you need the DNA paternity test will help you decide which company to choose to handle the testing. For instance, home DNA testing has certain requirements to ensure authenticity of DNA samples. In addition, these home DNA paternity tests may not even pass muster in a legal court.

It is possible to find a group that offers free DNA paternity tests, and here are some tips you can use to find these groups.

Tip 1

First of all, a free DNA paternity test is no different from a paid DNA paternity test. They are equally dependable as long as you get a reputable company to handle the free DNA test. The free DNA paternity test can also be called “challenging paternity.”

To find free DNA paternity tests, you should approach your health care provider. They can advice you on who can provide you with a free test. In the U.S., many states have started offering free DNA testing like Mississippi’s Department of Human Services (DHS). Their belief is that with the free DNA testing, they can lower their costs on providing welfare by going after fathers who refuse to pay child support. Check with your local DHS of Office of Support Enforcement, and find out if they have a similar program.

Tip 2

You can also get lucky if you find a reputable company that is offering a one-time free DNA paternity test. There have been cases where companies celebrate their anniversaries or Father’s Day by providing free DNA paternity test. Sometimes, it really pays to surf the internet, and persistence can get you results.

Tip 3

When you find a provider willing to give you a free DNA paternity test, you need to check the background of that provider. It has to be done by an accredited lab, and conform to your specific legal requirements. Otherwise, you might be better off paying for a DNA paternity test instead of wasting your time with an inaccurate one.

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