Friday, September 25, 2009

DNA Paternity Testing Laboratory Minneapolis

If you are from the Minneapolis area, and need to get a DNA paternity test, finding a laboratory that will do it for you properly is not going to be hard at all. All across the country, more and more labs are setting up because of the intense demand for this kind of service. It is a booming business.

However, not all labs can provide you with quality testing. Thus, there are certain aspects you should look for in a lab before deciding which one to use.

What kind of DNA paternity test do you need?

There are 3 basic kinds of paternity tests: the legally binding, the prenatal, and the home paternity DNA tests. You need to know which test is needed in your particular situation. If it has anything to do with presenting evidence in a court of law, then you need to legally binding DNA paternity test. The home DNA test is not usually accepted by law, and is more for personal use. With the prenatal DNA paternity test, you are really trying to establish who the biological father, for medical or legal purposes prior to the birth of the baby.

Under the laws of Minnesota, proof of paternity must be 99%, while the paternity index has to be 100 to 1.

Is the laboratory accredited?

There are several DNA labs in the Minneapolis area, but you need to find out if they are accredited with the AABB which is the American Association of Blood Banks. Try to find out also what kind of technology they use, and if they have been getting good feedback from clients. You can do this through the convenience of the internet and through AABB or the local city government offices.

You should also inquire if the DNA paternity tests are outsourced or done in-house. This is important because it could affect the result of the test with too much handling involved.

In Minneapolis, there are DNA laboratories that are part of a national chain of laboratories like the DNA Diagnostics Center. This particular lab has been getting a lot of attention because of its landmark case regarding the biological father of the daughter of deceased celebrity, Anna Nicole Smith.

Many national TV shows that need DNA paternity tests done also turn to this lab for its results. Shows like the Maury Show and the Geraldo Show have come to depend on this lab for its results.

Another equally good laboratory in Minneapolis is the DNA Paternity Laboratory. They also do reputable work and have been getting pretty good feedback from its clients.

Is the price tag all that important?

Finally, you will come across DNA labs in Minneapolis that charge very cheap rates. This is more like a hit or miss kind of situation, so unless the lab comes highly recommended by a trusted doctor, lawyer, family member, or friend, it might be better to pay a little extra, and get credible results.
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